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   <​li><​span style="​color:​black">​Altitude:​ 111 m asl</​span></​li>​   <​li><​span style="​color:​black">​Altitude:​ 111 m asl</​span></​li>​
   <​li><​a href="​http://​​~hatpro/​jue/​img/">​Webcam</​a></​li>​   <​li><​a href="​http://​​~hatpro/​jue/​img/">​Webcam</​a></​li>​
 +  <​li><​span style="​color:​black">​WIGOS ID: 0-276-0-10508 </​span></​li>​
 </ul> </ul>
 </p> </p>
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