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 ====== IMProToo - Improved Mrr Processing Tool ====== ====== IMProToo - Improved Mrr Processing Tool ======
 +The code moved to: [[https://​​maahn/​IMProToo]]
-IMProToo is an improved processing method for Micro Rain radar. It is especially suited for snow observations and provides besides other things effective reflectivity,​ Doppler velocity and spectral width. The method features a noise removal based on recognition of the most significant peak and a dynamic dealiasing routine which allows observations even if the Nyquist velocity range is exceeded. To software requires MRR raw data, it does not work with Metek'​s standard products MRR Averaged Data or Processed Data. 
 =====Download===== =====Download=====
-The software is still betaespecially the documentation needs to be enhancedThe most recent ​version is 0.95_10 +OLD versionssee https://​​maahn/​IMProToo/​releases for most recent ​release! 
-  * [[:​software:​improtoo:​|]] +  * {{:​software:​improtoo:​|}} changed units of slope to dB/(m/s), of eta to mm^6/m^3 (17 January 2013) 
- +  * {{:​software:​improtoo:​|}} fixed calculation of kurtosis and skewness (6 August 2012)  
- +  * {{:​software:​improtoo:​|}} netcdf bugfixes ​(18 July 2012)  
-===== How to install ===== +  * {{:software:​improtoo:​|}} initial public release ​(21 June 2012
- +
-The following python packages need to be installed: +
-  * numpy +
-  * matplotlib ​(for plotting only+
-  * [[​p/​netcdf4-python/​|netcdf4-python]] OR python-netcdf ​(for saving the results only)+
-An installation routine is not provided yet, Instead, save the provided files in your working library and import the package using "​import IMProToo"​. If you save the files in another directory, you have to add this directory to your [[http://​​questions/​3108285/​in-python-script-how-do-i-set-pythonpath|python path]]. 
-===== Questions ===== 
-In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact Maximilian Maahn: mmaahn_(AT)_meteo_DOT_uni-koeln_DOT_de 
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